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Cono's Ability to Read Micro-Expressions

Cono's accelerated nervous systems allows him to perceive rapid events that occur too quickly for the normal human eye to distinguish. This makes Cono especially adept at perceiving "micro-expressions" on the human face, which are "fleeting expressions of concealed emotion, sometimes so fast that they happen in the blink of an eye," as fast as 1/25th to 1/15th of a second. First identified by E.A. Haggard and K.S. Isaacs, who dubbed them "micromomentary expressions," they have been intensively investigated by Dr. Paul Ekman, who has published several books on the subject, especially as it relates to lie detection. Here is a link to one of his books:

Malcolm Gladwell of The New Yorker writes about Ekman and others in the field here:

Former FBI counterintelligence agent Joe Navarro provides a review of micro-expressions and other gestures relevant to lie detection here:

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